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     "Even though I've been a professional speaker since 1984, when I was hired to narrate my first audiobook in 2012, I hired CJ Critt to evaluate & fine tune my skills.  Right from the start, her positive & insight-filled feedback made the process fun & my progress concrete & invigorating.

     CJ taught me how to consciously use my voice as an instrument instead of just a single purpose tool. It was a priceless career enhancing investment.

     If you want to be the best at your craft & find your unique voice, work with someone who has already done what you want to with CJ Critt."*

                                                  *Cathryn Bond Doyle  -  Founder

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A Course with Audio Book  Narrator & Instructor

CJ Critt

Heard a good book lately?

Narrate Like a Pro:  A practical, working-world approach for actors, and audio book enthusiasts, on how to prepare to perform as a voice actor, and what is required to work as an Audio Book Narrator in todays expanding field of audio entertainment.


Single Day Guest Artist

For years, the only way most narrators could break into this industry was in NYC or Southern California.  Not so - anymore!

As print books shrink and book stores close, the audio book industry is growing and the need for skillful narrators is growing, too.  

NARRATE LIKE A PRO is calling out to ambitious actors with good story telling skills who are interested in getting instruction from an accomplished pro who will be teaching practical skills and offering the knowledge and secrets only a 20 year career in audio books could provide.  

Ace narrator, actor and writer, CJ Critt will offer an introduction to professional narration where you will be able to learn what goes into making good audio, the challenges and privileges of being the 'Voice of the Author' and useful approaches to studying the script - that is book - creating and maintaining unique voice characters, establishing the right tone and pace, all to make the book expertly unfold as if it is happening right in that moment.  

As said of Cj, by NY TImes #1 Best selling author, “You're everyone's favorite reader!”  Come learn from one of the best in the field, and the only teacher in North Texas who can boast having read every page and played each character for over 160 audio book titles.

Narrate Like a Pro.

Are you ready?

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An interactive Writing and Performance Workshop, that banishes writer's block, encouraging students to become Instant Authors!

In THE WRITE STUFF, we believe that everyone is an expert – on their own life – and has worthy stories to tell.  The workshop engages participants to write in an uncensored, yet guided environment, aimed at discovering and celebrating the signature voice of each budding author.  

Disney staff writer and produced playwright, CJ Critt, will share samples of her original writing, via spoken word performance, original essays, character monologues, etc. to kick off the sense of “Show and Tell - all.”

CJ then offers writing prompts to the class to trigger some of their most vivid, searing, and truthful recollections. These experiences color their lives and inform their writing style and subject matter.  Students can discover an endless natural resource to tap for future creative ideas.  

The pens fly, and pages fill, as writers are 'unleashed' to tell their own stories, uncensored and their way, and then celebrate them out loud, by reading and sharing their newly created works.

With positive and supportive feedback, CJ identifies strengths and opportunities for writers and performers to grow and embrace what is uniquely them, in a communal atmosphere that is creative, friendly and alive to personal excellence and exploration

The Write Stuff helps to banish writer's block and the pangs of P & P, procrastination and perfectionism, two hurdles many writers face, unsuccessfully, alone.

Class time:  90 minutes to 2 hours, as requested by Host Venue

Suggested age:  Teens and Up

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   Students say...

"I'm doing great. I actually just got signed by Linda McAlister and I'm starting to make my own skits and shorts.  You changed my life, you have no idea."  Lisa Lafayette, Dallas, TX

"I really appreciate your being generous and kind with your encouragement.  I can see why you are so successful.  It was a privilege to be in your class. " Judith Anderson, Oak Cliff, TX

CJ, thanks so much for the great help last night at the S.T.A.G.E workshop.  It was very helpful and informative." Gerry Dollinger, DeSoto, TX

"You are an excellent teacher, by the way. Your honest, immediate critiquing was so appreciated!"   Sue Ellen, Dallas, TX

You Changed My Life.  You have no idea!

"You changed my life.  You have no idea!"                           Lisa Lafayette -

Former student & aspiring actress, now signed with Linda McAllister Talent