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SIGMAS DELTA DIE –  By Carol J Crittenden                                                                                            

Two BFF sorority pledges befriend a beautiful psychic misfit and together they must survive supernatural forces now awakened at their haunted Bleakmore College sorority house, Delta Du,

in the horror comedy, SIGMA DELTA DIE.

PROLOGUE  - An old-timey photograph of an handsome Victorian home in 1914.  Photograph dissolves to real life, an ethereal beauty appears in the upstairs window – and Poof! The house is engulfed in flames!

ACT ONE - 2014.  The same house is newly renovated as the Delta Du Sorority on Bleakmore Campus.  Midnight initiation rites. Meet the pledges! Namely, sexy, smartass, boy crazy, drama major, Roxanne and her BFF Christina, the sensible one, majoring in crisis management.  The rites go wrong when freak weather, drenches them, practically whipping off their initiation robes forcing them into the dungeon, American Horror Story-like basement of the sorority house.  

There, they meet legacy girl and sorority outcast, Victoria Freeman, (a dead ringer for the woman in the past) and learn that Vic's family has always owned the property and that the house was once a sad home for unwed mothers and children, till it burned down in a suspicious fire - leaving a basement brimming with the spirits of pissed-off ghosts.

Sorority ringleaders, Amanda and her pet, Suzy, treat Victoria like crap, but it's Vic who saves the day when date raping Frat boys, Kyle and Brad, 'roofie' Roxanne and Christina's drinks, luring them into the dank basement to score.   Victoria sees them and warns the guys to back off, but the Frat bros diss and dismiss her, so with a supernatural assist, the boys literally fly across the basement, pinned to the walls.  Freaked out, they retreat, vowing revenge.

ACT TWO  - Roxanne sleeps off a massive hangover, learns what happened, and calls for Reality.  Reality TV, that is.  The paranormal TV crew for U SO HAUNTED, who're into all things Casper on Campus, agrees to cover the story, posting audition notices for a re-enactment of the ghost-interrupted grope-fest.  If this makes Roxanne a Reality TV star…Bonus!  The guys see the audition notices and become enraged, thinking, “What? Those skanks getting famous off of us!?” They gather the guys for some Frat Pack pay back.

Amanda, too, is furious that the pledges got permission for a trashy TV crew in her sanctuary.  And Victoria – she has friends now?  How dare they?  On the night of Friday the 13th, when the Reality Show crew and the girls are assembled in the basement - Amanda loses it!   She locks the basement door, douses it with gas, and lights a match!  

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Master Stroke - A contained thriller for two women

WGA #1218867 –  By Carol J Crittenden

Master Stroke - A gifted, actress and mimic, down on her luck and haunted by her hard scrabble past, traded her moral compass for a shot at wealth, freedom and a fresh start, wrested from the life of NYC's most enigmatic modern artist.

Madame Sophia Malevich - a wealthy modern artist, 60 plus, lives, in a fortress- like Greenwich Village apartment where she hasn't stepped outside in ages. Why? She's been blackmailing a European art dealer family for decades for selling her early works as masters, and now the sole surviving son tells her, it's over and she's "good as dead! "

Enter ...Gail Winters - 30. Talented, but morally flawed, her bad behavior has caught up with her. Fired, desperate, and homeless, she spies seniors with their young companions enter Washington Square Park, and has an epiphany. Room and board and a paycheck! She just needs some lonely old gal to hire her.

And who does that? Madame Sophia in her fabulous apartment complete with eerie basement art studio. Gayle fakes her references and nails the interview, getting the job and a chance to soak up everything about Madame's sophisticated life.  A short honeymoon of teacher-pupil affection is tested when Madame falls in her basement studio and insists on staying below, like the Queen of the Underworld.

Overnight, Gayle's life becomes hell! Madame is now impossible, mean, belittling, and seems to delight in pushing Gayle's buttons, till she declares of her acting, "You come from nothing, you are nothing, and that is why you make believe!"

Gayle's solution? Get even.

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Master Stroke Semi finalist –

FADE IN screenplay competition - Noir Category

THE POLLINATORS   By Carol J Crittenden

Period creature-feature meets Judd Apatow style, over the top, Sex-comedy.

When Queen Bees quit mating, threatening the world's food supply, our young heroes – plush sized, take it as it comes,  Austin, and methodical lab lovely, Chloe - accidentally unleash a swarm of mutant killer bees, setting in motion a race to save themselves, their future and the world around them.


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This new, small cast stage musical celebrates true-life hero, Elsie Janis, the “Female Bob Hope of WWI” with humor, heart, history & song!  Presented at ROTUNDA THEATER in DALLAS, TX.  

                    Wikipedia       http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elsie_Janis

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              Poster: Mario Garcia