an original, over-the-top pop-rock musical satire.
I’m CJ Critt, book writer and lyricist for The Pollinators – or – Captain of the Bee Team.

Our world? It’s 1959. The cold war. And – Bees have stopped mating. Help! America must not lose its dominant position as bread basket to the world, right? So? Science to the rescue and our heroes, star students, Chloe and Austin, are determined to to solve the crisis and save the world with their creation – Bee-agra!

Until… Sabotage in the lab, results in an explosion of flying mutant killers on campus! AHHH!

Carnage ensues, including a curious an unprecedented bee-sting fever that leads to a campus sex riot and Oops! boners, boners, boners and for the girls? Teeny, tiny  boners and helpless arousal.

Our heroes, Chloe and Austin, must flee, now pursued by a swarm of angry bees, the sabotaging creep from the lab and the US Army, sporting a serious hard-on to thwart the Ruskies and “Weaponize those Bees!”

Our Bee team features a diverse cast of 8 players, and four composers, writing doo-wop, pop-rock, country, soul, and classic broadway musical theater styles. We have crafted a traditional book show that sets up hilarious epic battle between young love, respect for nature and a passion for science – VS – The military industrial complex!  Well, our heroes triumph and with a little help from Cannabis, Bigfoot, and a wise Bug Whisperer – all is set right in the natural world.

Audiences want to laugh. I know I do, and as a natural born tree hugger from Oregon, mixing message with humor and a catchy beat, drives my mission to entertain and lift up our artists and community.

Standing room only staged readings, a Pandemic zoom reading and recent public musical outings – have demonstrated to us that audiences – from teens to groovy seniors are ready to catch the buzz of ...The Pollinators.


The Bee Team

First conceived as a screenplay, and optioned by Dream Fly productions in Dallas, TX. Next presented as a staged reading (script only) under the direction of Jake Nice at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center May 15, 2019 and again at OCCC with our first handful of songs, November 13, 2019.

A Pandemic zoom reading to reduce cast size followed, and 2021 spring time performances focusing on our score with six singer/actors at the Wild Detectives in the Bishop Arts District have continued the development buzz of this tuneful, hilarious satire!

“Imagine ...there’s a different pandemic that causes a fever of unstoppable sexual desire with the prick of a bee-sting.”

Hive Mind Favorites

Jake Nice, Dramaturg & Reading Director

CJ Critt - Book, Lyrics & Capt. of the Bee Team

Morgan Clark, Composer

Rebecca Cordes, Composer

Barry Young, Composer

John T Prestianni, Composer

Steven Smith

Bill Jenkins

Bwalya Chisanga

Olivia Cinquepalmi

Natalie King

Daryl Mayfield

Jamal Houston

Bee Team MVP Spotlight - Composer - Rebecca Cordes

Music Samples