CJ Critt

Occupy Texas Featured Jeff Barry
Stardust Memories Supporting Woody Allen
The Circle Featured Tom Moyer
They All Laughed Supporting Peter Bogdanovitch
Big Supporting Penny Marshall
Going Zombie Featured Esther Z (Film Short)
Lube Job Featured John Hansen (Film short)
Red Dots Featured Natalie Paris (Film short)
Infamous Linda Tripp E-Entertainment
WORDS Aloud! Featured Cable Ace Award Winner
America’s Most Wanted Featured ‘Gregorio Morales’
Walker Texas Ranger Supporting Chuck Norris Series
Encyclopedia Featured Children’s Television CTW
All My Children Supporting ABC
STAGE (Selected)
Waltz of the Stork Phantom Melvin Van Peebles
Cursed With Bigness CJ Pulse Ensemble Theater
Promises Promises Marge MacDougal Equity Library Theater
Plain and Fancy Ruth ELT
The Children Rose Stage West
Road to China Basin Janie Water Tower Theater
Guys and Dolls Gen. Cartwright Dallas Theater Center
Beauty Queen of Leenane Mag Theater Three
Rocky Horror Columbia North American Tour
Magic To Do Featured Lead – Stephen Schwartz premiere Cincinnati Playhouse
E l Grande De Coca Cola Maria Sharon Playhouse
BY Rail PS 122 in NYC – KD Studio Theater – Smithfield One Act Festival
Manhattan Diary MAC – Beverly Hills Public Library
Suicide at 8 Hip Pocket Theater – Big D Festival of the Unexpected@DTC
Smoking Lips-Spoken Lies Dallas Theater Center – Pulse Ensemble (NYC)