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“Don’t Dream it… Bee it!”
It’s Little Shop meets Rocky Horror in the wildest, pop-rock, creature-feature, musical satire ever - The Pollinators!

Imagine a new pandemic, one that unleashes unstoppable lust with the prick of a bee sting. The year? 1959.  The Cold War.  The Bomb.  It was tense!  When bees stop mating, science must come to the rescue, and our heroes, grad students Chloe and Austin must battle mutant bees, crazed, would be suitors and the United States Army to save the day and the bees!

Sixteen original songs, 3 readings and two nights of musical highlights have assisted in development.  Our full script and score are available as well as audio and video of the piece in early stages at the Wild Detectives performance space in B.A.D. of Dallas, TX

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About C.J. Critt
the Writer

As an Oregon born tree hugger raised on Rogers and Hammerstein and pop-rock radio, CJ caught the Musical Theater bug early on and started writing right along with her on stage career.

Since the days her show, Romped Out, played NYC’s West Side Theatre, the Manhattan Punch Line and Greene Street Cafe, CJ’s plays and musicals have enjoyed numerous stage productions from Pulse Ensemble and South St. Theater in  the Manhattan Theater District, to the sold out hit, Muscle Bound Cowboys at Desert Rose Playhouse, in Palm Springs, CA, to Elsie Janis and the Boys, presented at the Rotunda Theater in Dallas, TX. Collaborations, such as The Black Dahlia, Rockbound and Tamponville were all presented on NY stages.

Solo shows, Smoking Lips, Cursed With Bigness and Manhattan Diary have played at PS 122 in NY, part of the Solo Nova Festival, literary festivals, KD Theater and on stage at The Dallas Theater Center.

CJ spent 15 years as a staff writer and voice talent for Disney Radio in North Dallas, creating on air features, We the Peeps, House of Friends and Theater of the B-Zarre! as well as 100’s of promo and commercial copy scripts.

She also scored a Cable Ace Award for the program, Words Aloud! featuring the music and spoken word of her female poet collective, The Angry Girl Sextet, which played numerous venues in the DFW region.

As a free lancer, CJ penned and revised screen projects and television scripts for DreamFly Productions, is the screen writer of horror/comedy hybrid, Sigma Delta Die and is available to edit, revise, consult and brainstorm with authors on their work.

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