An original, over-the-top, pop-rock creature-feature musical satire, for MA14 audiences, and up.

Will shy hero, nerdy lab-partner, Austin Zuckerman, win the heart of his science soulmate,Chloe Edgecombe? And will their pro-procreation pheromone, Bee-agra save bees from the brink of extinction, or unleash mayhem in Middle America??!

Our World? The late 50’s, Cold War. Rock and Roll is coming AND the threat of the bomb. Worse yet – Bees have stopped mating, crisis ensues, and our heroes must step up!

But Chloe and Austin’s work’s sabotaged, as bees turn bad – packing a sex-fever wallop in every sting.

The college kids go full Caligula, the military arrives, and our heroes must flee to rescue their bees and of course, fall in love.

Eight players. Fifteen hilarious roles. 90 minutes of funny, far out, and fast paced musical action with Bigfoot, boners and a cannabis sparked bee-in to save the day.

BUZZED! is a perfect match for comedy leaning venues, late-night stages and festivals, featuring 16 original tunes from four fab composers and book and lyrics by ace storyteller, Cj Critt.

Don’t dream it bee it! And…Get BUZZED!


Book and Lyrics by CJ Critt

Music by:
Morgan Clarke
Rebecca Cordes
John T Prestianni
Barry Young


Greetings!  As a natural born tree hugger from Oregon, mixing a love and nature message with humor and a catchy beat, drives my inspiration to entertain and lift up our artists and community.

Standing room only staged readings, a Pandemic zoom reading, public musical outings – each have demonstrated to us that audiences – from teens to retirees are ready for some laugh out loud theater when they catch BUZZED! the Musical!

First conceived as a screenplay entitled The Pollinators, the show was written with a nod to classic, 50’s black and white creature-feature popcorn flicks of yesterday and was optioned by Dream Fly productions in Dallas, TX. Then the call of the stage brought the project to the live action of theater artists in Oak Cliff, TX.

Next presented as a staged reading with script only, under the direction of Jake Nice at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center May 15, 2019 and again there at OCCC with our first handful of songs, November 13, 2019.

A Pandemic zoom reading to reduce cast size followed, and 2021 spring time performances focusing on our score written by 4 contributing composers, staged with six singer/actors at the Wild Detectives in the Bishop Arts District, continued the development of this tuneful, fully scored satire!

In 2023, rebirth!  Working with the DFW based, Musical Theater Writers Academy, a light bulb clicked, and Voila! The show was rebranded with our new name, logo and all-in-for comedy and romance mission – BUZZED! the Musical!

Jake Nice, Dramaturg & Reading Director

CJ Critt - Book, Lyrics & Capt. of the Bee Team

Morgan Clark, Composer

Rebecca Cordes, Composer

Barry Young, Composer

John T Prestianni, Composer

Music Samples

“Yearning.”  A feeling of intense longing.  And that’s what shy hero Austin Zuckerman feels whenever he encounters his lab partner, Chloe Edgecombe, the woman of his mid-century dreams, his… SCIENCE GIRL, a favorite tune from the mad cap musical, BUZZED!


Chloe Edgecombe Tracie Foster
Austin Zuckerman Karl Mart
Hayden Edwards John Baker
Professor Carlson & Farmer R. Bradford Smith
Major Brinks & Radio Anncr Brad Campbell
Dickerson, Miss Honey, Tammy & Trucker Dayna S. Fries
Coed, Spokesbee, Illya & Sassi Megan Francis
Coed, Forest Ape Expert & Beautician Mandy Sanders Scofield
Sharlie Rainwalker Allyn Carrell
Stage Direction LisaAnne Haram
SOUND Dave Buell – Real to Reel Studios

The Pollinators

Jake Nice, Dramaturg & Reading Director

CJ Critt - Book, Lyrics & Capt. of the Bee Team

Morgan Clark, Composer

Rebecca Cordes, Composer

Barry Young, Composer

John T Prestianni, Composer

Steven Smith

Bill Jenkins

Bwalya Chisanga

Olivia Cinquepalmi

Jamal Houston

Natalie King

Daryl Mayfield