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Once dubbed ‘The Spoken Word Queen” by the Dallas Observer, award winning American Academy of Dramatic Arts grad, CJ Critt was tapped to teach speech in NYC, shortly after graduation and those lips have not stopped since.

A decade after the days of Mad Men, CJ began working with commercial agency dynamos, CED, expanding her stage speech chops to TV and RADIO Commercials, nabbing scores of network and local spots where she was once a Ring Around the Collar Mom, and a Giant Toe for Isotoner booties and slippers.  After making a dent on Madison Avenue, she entered the world of audio book narration, where she continues to work today with a repertoire of over 200 audio book titles narrated for Recorded Books, Inc., Harper Audio, BBC America Audiobooks, Library Ideas and directly for select Authors.

From her home studio and North Texas Studios, CJ records assorted anime voices for CrunchyRoll, Sound Cadence and Studio Nano, playing everything from demented grannies, to cordial innkeepers, witches to royals to robots.

As an actor, writer, and former stand-up, she excels at crisp articulation, accents, vivid voice characters and improvisation.

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For SAG-AFTRA projects, she is repped for Voice by Julie Holman of Kim Dawson Talent at; (214) 638-2414

1645 N Stemmons Freeway
Suite B
Dallas, TX 75207

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CJ Critt and Frank Muller, two outstanding readers, share the spotlight in this rare story of Wisconsin dairy farmers...Critt as Alice, narrates most of the text, and has a gift for vocal distinction, which is critical during Alice’s trial. Both Critt and Muller pace the story slowly, drawing out the drama... Though long, every minute of this audio book is unforgettable.

A Map of the Worldby Jane Hamilton

...Critt does a masterful job with a huge amount of rapid-fire or emotional dialogue. It would be impossible not to, occasionally, blend characters, but she keeps everyone distinct...captivating.

Under The Beetle’s Cellarby Mary Willis Walker

In this witty and heartfelt story of modern love...CJ Critt is a superbly appropriate narrator. Her extensive theatrical background lends polish and clarity to her performance. Even the narrative passages become an exciting part of the storytelling...This audiobook is comedic writing-and performance at its best.

Hanging Upby Delia Ephron

...CJ Critt’s expert narration is astounding. Her aloof style heightens the story’s drama, giving listeners empathy for Delia’s detachment. Critt’s vocal characterizations are very convincing: pacing and diction are top quality. Her narration is subtle, yet firm, always giving Tyler’s plot and characters the limelight while she herself remains the skillful medium.

Ladder of YearsInstructor, Skate Nao

The laughs are non stop in Evanovich's second NASCAR-themed caper. CJ Critt's narration is a masterpiece of comic timing. Her accents are funny without being condescending. The dialogue is so crisp and the transitions so smooth that it's easy to forget there's just one person behind it all." E.S. © AudioFile

MOTOR MOUTHby Janet Evanovich